5 Tips to Make your First Week of School Successful

Posted by BASIS.ed on August 1, 2018 at 11:00 AM

The new school year is here! We're so excited to welcome back all of our fantastic students and families. We hope that everyone has had a restful summer and is ready to get back to school! Here are five tips to help make your first week of school as successful as possible.

1. We're Ready! Are You?

All parents should have received pick-up and drop-off information via email or parentsquare prior to the beginning of school. Follow the scout's motto and be prepared! Please be sure to read through the instructions from the school (we like to print ours out) to ensure that you know where to go on the first day. If you have any questions, please reach out to your school ahead of time. 

Basis.ed.Primary1042.Take a Deep Breath.

We know that traffic during the first week of school can be overwhelming. We're all transitioning from summer time to a new schedule, and we all share the same goal: getting our students to school safely. If you're running late, or someone cuts you off in traffic, take a deep breath and know it will get better.

3. Stick to the Schedule.

Arriving early for drop-off or pick-up may seem like a sure bet to avoid congestion, but it actually makes things go slower. Arriving at your scheduled time will help the first week of school run smoothly.

BASIS First Day4. We Are Here For You!

Sometimes, as parents with busy schedules, we need a little flexibility. Need to drop your kids off early? Not sure you can get to pick-up on time? Many BASIS charter schools have before and after school programs beginning on the first day of school. Some schools even have extracurricular programs starting the first week of school this year. If you haven't already, you can sign your child up for early-bird, late-bird, or our wide variety of extracurriculars by contacting the school directly.

5. Spread the Love.

Watching your kids walk through the doors to their next adventure leaves us all with a host of emotions. They're excited, curious and sometimes a little nervous, and so are you! Waving goodbye to your little ones is tough and it's important to remember that every parent is experiencing those same feelings. Let's be kind, and remember we're all in it together to support our children's love of learning.

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