About the Blog


The BASIS.ed Blog delivers a consistent snapshot of educational life within the exemplary schools managed by BASIS.ed, while sharing important accolades and achievements, and illuminating our eager, able students and their intelligent, attentive teachers.

We hope to shed light on the people and happenings within the fifteen open-enrollment, tuition-free public charter schools and two independent schools managed by BASIS.ed. We’ll also look at the world around us through the lens of education, our mission to create the best schools in the world, and the unique sacrosanctity of the classroom.

Unless otherwise noted, blog posts are authored by Phil Handler, BASIS.ed’s Director of Communications. Phil has been a writer for more than twenty years in various capacities, including as a college instructor, as an attorney, as a public relations executive, and as a radio, television and newspaper journalist.


As you may know, the BASIS.ed formula is simple: we continually improve our exceptional curriculum; we hire bright, passionate teachers who are experts in their subjects and often have real-world experience; and we teach students to find what inspires them, and to ask and answer questions without hesitation or limits.

This blog will add some color to those practicalities. Should you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at BASISedBlog@basised.com.