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As a parent you want your child to have the best education possible. However, quality education opportunities are not always accessible, depending on the school district and area you reside in. Fortunately, in recent years the school choice movement has taken great strides, empowering parents to determine the type of education that best fits their child’s individual needs by making additional schooling options available. In the public school sector, charter schools are amongst the most popular—Arizona alone has an estimated 535 charter schools enrolling about 177,600 students.1 So with so many charter school options, how do you know which one is best for your child?

The answer is to know your schools; and research clearly shows that BASIS Charter Schools is the best choice for parents who want their child to receive a well-rounded, academically advanced education. Below, is a list of the top reasons why you should choose BASIS Charter Schools.

All students are welcome

The BASIS Charter Schools network comprises 27 charter schools throughout the United States—22 in Arizona, 3 in Texas, 1 in Washington, D.C., and 1 in Louisiana. BASIS Charter Schools are tuition-free public schools with a designated Open Enrollment period, where enrollment is determined by lottery. Any student can attend, and every student is welcome. BASIS Charter Schools require hard work, but with hard work success is possible for every student!

We have an exceptional academic program

The renowned BASIS Curriculum, which all BASIS Charter Schools follow, is much more rigorous and advanced than the curricula found at most schools. The BASIS Curriculum is spiraled, building upon concepts taught in previous courses to facilitate students’ content mastery. It encourages self-motivation and hard work, teaches students how to apply their knowledge to real life, and thoroughly prepares them for college.

test takingSince the BASIS Curriculum requires students to work at an accelerated pace and master challenging material, our schools utilize The College Board’s AP Exams® as a way for them to demonstrate this mastery. AP Exams are also externally generated and graded, which ensures that our schools are holding students to the highest possible standards.

Our students are prepared to take AP Exams as early as grade 8, and are required to take AP courses beginning in grade 9. They will complete at least six AP courses prior to graduation, but many elect to take more. In fact, 2018 BASIS Charter Schools graduates took, on average, 11.80 AP Exams, with an overall average score of 3.74 out of 5 and an 85.50 percent pass rate. Over 94 percent of our students also earned AP Scholar recognition 2—AP Scholar, AP Scholar with Honor, AP Scholar with Distinction, or National AP Scholar.

We employ Subject Expert TeachersLET/SET teachers

At the heart of BASIS Charter Schools are our Subject Expert Teachers (SETs). Most of our teachers hold advanced degrees in their subject areas and/or have extensive professional experience in their respective fields, allowing them to extend their expertise to the classroom. Our students thrive on the knowledge of our SETs, and their ability to convey complex information with enthusiasm and encouragement.

Students in grades 1–4 benefit from the LET/SET model. This form of co-teaching greatly benefits students as they begin moving to different classrooms throughout the day. For every subject, a SET leads instruction while a Learning Expert Teacher (LET) focuses on effective instructional methods for individual students. The LET travels with students to each class, ensuring that they understand the material and are working at their personal best.

Our graduates earn national recognition

It is no secret that our graduates are among the best and brightest in the world, and very well-prepared for success in college and the workforce. During their senior year, students will complete the BASIS Diploma Senior Project—a self-directed, independent project consisting of high-level off-campus research or an internship.

Participating in this project, along with completing our rigorous academic program, truly sets our students apart to the most prestigious universities in the world. This was demonstrated by the 2018 BASIS Charter Schools graduating class—63.2 percent were accepted to a top 100 national university or national liberal arts college, including Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, University of Chicago, and Yale. Our students also rank amongst the top in the nation for college entrance exams, earning an average SAT score of 1386 out of 1600 and an average ACT score of 30.4 out of 36.3BASIS SCD grads

We offer an internationally competitive education

The BASIS Charter Schools mission is: to empower students to achieve at globally competitive levels with a transformative K–12 academic program. This has held true over the years, as our students continue to academically outperform both their national and international peers. Not only does our academic program guide students in acquiring knowledge, but it also teaches them how to apply it to real-life situations. According to the OECD Test for Schools (based on PISA), a highly regarded exam taken by students in over 70 countries, BASIS Charter Schools students outscore their peers in critical thinking and are among the most satisfied with classroom instruction.4

These accolades are impressive, and our amazing students and teachers are what make BASIS Charter Schools truly exceptional. Check out some of their many accomplishments:

One of our BASIS Flagstaff English teachers received a grant from the Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program to travel to India.

Two math teachers at BASIS Scottsdale Primary East found a way to make long division fun through a video they created. Set to the tune of “Believer” by Imagine Dragons, their video, “Divider,” shows a student struggling to learn division until she finally connects to the material.

One of our BASIS Goodyear grade 8 students was selected as one of ten international finalists for the Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize. Every year, the Molecular Frontiers Foundation awards prizes to the students who pose the best scientific questions. Our student’s question: “Could it be possible to insert images and colors into the mind of a blind person?”

A BASIS Chandler high school freshman combined her passion for art and community service to start EaselArts, Inc.—an organization that raises money through art education. Proceeds are donated to outreach programs that assist others both locally and internationally.

Students at BASIS San Antonio Primary North Central and BASIS San Antonio Primary Medical Center wrote notes and made posters to encourage high school students at BASIS San Antonio Shavano during their pre-comps and midterms.

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Source: College Board®, 2018. AP® and SAT® are trademarks registered/owned by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of and does not endorse this website.

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