How BASIS Charter Schools Stay Strong, Everywhere

Posted by BASIS.ed on April 3, 2020 at 10:42 AM

Our network retains its continuous commitment to high-level learning—even in newly necessary virtual classrooms

The K–12 network of BASIS Charter Schools is known for our commitment to providing world-class education to any student or family who wants our accelerated, college-preparatory program. Since 1998, the BASIS Charter School Curriculum has been guiding students to perform at the highest international levels, opening opportunities to find within our curriculum the subjects they love, and thus create and follow their own path. Aside from the nuts and bolts of the curriculum, delivered by experts in each discipline—our ‘secret sauce,’ as we often call it, is staying ahead of the curve.

As you know, it’s a time of uncertainty amidst COVID-19 concerns, and many schools across the nation are closing for the foreseeable future. BASIS Charter School teachers and students have shifted to distance learning and remain steeped within the BASIS Charter School Curriculum in a different manner, but one that is no less engaging. We are retaining our commitment to academic excellence and to the students who constantly inspire us with their determination and perseverance. BASIS Charter Schools are uniquely situated to deliver instruction remotely and seamlessly—so learning never stops.

BDC Calculus Teacher Our teachers continue to lead their now-virtual classrooms and guide students through online instruction via video, audio, or written instruction, accessed through a central hub that was already familiar to most families and used by BASIS Charter Schools for efficient communication. The home transition to the virtual classroom requires only internet access and an internet-capable device, which are provided to students who do not already have such access.

Materials and instruction are presented for each class, each day, as a weekly packet, allowing some flexibility to accommodate distance-learning schedule modifications. Printing the online packets is not necessary. Students may choose to print only the worksheets to be submitted. Students may work on-screen, recording their responses on notebook paper, or ideally, may create online documents to submit. Many assignments do not require written work; sometimes photo, video, or audio is a more appropriate medium to show mastery.

Virtual Classroom

Subject Expert Teachers, who now deliver materials and instruction via various common online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft Teams, ParentSquare, and YouTube, are accustomed to leading their classes with creativity and autonomy, and continue to teach through interactive discovery. Activities for classes such as art and engineering only require materials that students already have at home, and teachers typically recommend alternate options. Our teachers continue to make sure that every student has what they need.

Like the rest of us, students appreciate some semblance of normalcy during this unusual time, and they enjoy seeing their teachers post video instructions online. They also appreciate engaging in creative activities that continue to stimulate learning across a robust curriculum of martial arts, fine arts, science, math, engineering and technology, Mandarin, and humanities. Teachers are eager to help students understand and master concepts and are readily available to answer questions, as usual. For parents, now more than ever, showing interest and enthusiasm in their work provides essential support and encouragement. These students—at every grade level—are proud of their accomplishments and deserve praise.

High Performance

BASIS Charter School teachers drive learning in our schools every day—and are entirely responsible for making this immediate and practical transition to distance learning possible. The BASIS Charter School model ensures success by hiring teachers who want to share their own learned expertise with students who, in turn, want to learn. It’s a familiar win-win. The enthusiasm for new concepts and ideas becomes mutual, collaborative, and ultimately innovative. That remains true right now, amidst the outbreak.

That’s why our students are still taking bold, confident strides—even from afar. They don’t fear failure, because they know learning requires them to apply new ideas to past mistakes, which is the only way to succeed. Preparation is the core of the BASIS Charter School Curriculum: every step is preparation for the next.CPN student distance learningEven now, navigating the unknown, BASIS Charter School students continue to rise to the challenges before them. Our teachers continue to see BASIS Charter School students thrive in the perpetual climb toward excellence. Standards remain high. Students still work hard and will be awarded for that. Their determination to learn and improve is unrelenting.

Through the creativity and devotion of our Subject Expert Teachers and Learning Expert Teachers across thirteen grade levels at our twenty-seven schools, the integrity of the BASIS Charter School Curriculum remains, and the wheels of progress continue to turn for our students during this unprecedented time.

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