A Good Part of the Process


Welcome to the BASIS.ed blog!

If you’re reading this, you may have a child at a BASIS.ed-managed school, or are thinking about sending your child to one of the schools we manage. Perhaps you’re a teacher or administrator, or have an interest in American education and the ebb and flow of the public discourse about it. Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum when it comes to education policy, we hope this blog illuminates how you understand what BASIS.ed does and how we do it, and even sparks some thought and discussion. We are writing in this forum because we’ve been asked by a number of parents of our students to share a bit about our curriculum, our culture, and why BASIS.ed’s schools are consistently successful.


Writing broadly here: we know how much we – you, us – love our students. We also know how important good schools remain, in the makeup of the social fabric. No matter where you are in the range of opinions about your child’s teacher, your school’s curriculum, your district’s standards… we know that the bottom line is you yearning for the best possible educational outcomes for your kids.

We want the same, for ours, and everyone’s.

And that’s not a line written without deep thought. We know this is important. This blog, therefore, will attempt to paint a picture of what a BASIS.ed education is like, and why. Of course, we understand that our classrooms aren’t laboratories, and our students and teachers aren’t robots crossing items off a curricular checklist, so different classrooms, different schools, look differently. But on any given day, every one of our classrooms is a forum for smart teachers who love what they’re teaching, and love being a teacher – who enjoy engaging with students who like being schoolkids.

On any given day, we have hundreds of talented teachers, proud of their work and their students, and thousands of eager students, proud of their work and their teachers, learning from each other. They are each moving towards an end – towards learning to love this subject, or learning to ask the right question, or find the right answer, or learning to simply appreciate how it feels to know things, to understand.


But the process of learning matters. Learning to learn, and learning to love it, matters to us and to our teachers. And that is passed on to our students.

And any given day is a worthy day for BASIS.ed, because we love being in school. We know any child can learn, if that’s what they want. And while we take some pride that our schools are ranked highly here or our students perform fantastically on exams there – all that is great, it truly is. But the crux, the essence, is answered the same as in any schoolhouse, on any road or field or hill, anywhere in America: Are we teaching kids? Are they learning ways of thinking and applying knowledge that will help them grow as students, and as people – as children, and then as adolescents, and then as adults?

Students grow up before our eyes. Are we a good part of the process,
for them, and for their families?

Are we doing what great schools are supposed to do?

We believe we are. And to help answer so many of you who have asked, this blog will attempt to show you how.

Thanks for reading.


Should you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at BASISedBlog@basised.com.