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Senior Research Projects 2015



One of the most unique individual components of the curriculum at BASIS.ed-managed schools is what we call Senior Research Projects.


First, some background: at BASIS schools, students complete most academic requirements by the end of their junior year – 11th grade. Some students opt to graduate early, while others stay on for senior year. Our 12th grade curriculum offers Capstone Courses in the fall – those are college-level post AP courses, of inimitable variety, complexity, and intrigue.


In short – Capstones are really cool. And are they academically rich?

Uh, yeah – like, double chocolate fudge frosting rich.
Which is why we change it up after an autumn of Capstone
coursework – and begin our Senior Research Projects.


SRPs – A Very Deep Dive

Seniors who choose to complete a Senior Research Project (or, “SRP”) graduate with honors. And in performing an SRP, the students are diving deep not only academically, but also atmospherically. It is a form of fulfilling enrichment beyond the classroom – available in a way that few other schools can emulate. It’s sort of “internship plus” or “exponential academics”.

Students performing an SRP choose a subject area,
and then come up with a thesis – wait till you peruse
a list of them; it’ll knock you out!


In order to complete the research, the SRP student spends a good deal of time working alongside professionals or academics at corporations or businesses, or in college or university laboratories, or any number of “real world” entities.

As mentioned, it’s a deep dive.


The SRP experience, since the program began years ago, has been one of lasting import both to our seniors, and to the adult professionals working with them (as well as the corporations and universities where they’re researching).

We are so very proud of the praise we have received about our students from their research partners – praise about their intellect, professionalism, and character. And we have also received a great deal of feedback from SRP participants and their families.

They have consistently seen, much sooner than many young people get a chance to see, how their academic interests
and abilities translate to the real world, or something closer
to it, in a business or university setting.

Compounding the extraordinary experience, it’s also important to note that many of our SRP students travel “away from home” to complete their research, including out of state and cross country travel, with several over the past few years even heading abroad.

As bright and impressive as the BASIS academic program is, the Senior Research Project program is truly its beacon, a guiding light. It is a BASIS student’s truest glimpse of the high level places he or she can choose to go.


BASIS.ed’s 2015 SRP Crop

In the current academic year, BASIS.ed is managing six charter schools that have seniors performing SRPs. Below, I have posted the links to the lists of SRPs for those six schools — and I promise, you will be wowed.

Once you link to a school page, below, you’ll see a list of student names and SRP project theses. Each thesis will take you to the individual student’s blog. Yes, our students keep us apprised of their progress as they perform their SRP, and the wonderful experiences through which they are living — and they’re invigorating to read. Can I suggest “adopting a senior” and following along via their blog, until the project is complete? Plus, the students love feedback on what they’re doing – and what they’re writing! Click on the school links to view the projects.

Here’s the SRP list:

BASIS Chandler

BASIS Flagstaff

BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Peoria

BASIS Scottsdale

BASIS Tucson North


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