We Do Not Select, Neither Do We Place a Cap On Ability and Ambition


Our BASIS Washington D.C. families and prospective families across the city are rightfully proud of the high BASIS DC scores on the latest PARCC1 college readiness assessments. We are proud too, for the commitment that BASIS DC made to the city is slowly being fulfilled.

What is that commitment? It is to be a key part of the movement in DC to give all local children the chance to study hard in a free public school program that will utterly transform the opportunities and choices available to them in the future.

Promises in the education world are a debased currency – but not at BASIS DC, where promises still carry value. Why can you take the promise of BASIS DC to the bank? Look at our record: our high schools begin slowly, and they begin small. Tucson’s first high school graduating class had 12 students in 2005. In 2008 it was ranked the number 1 school in America. These PARCC results tell us that BASIS DC is on the same path.

BASIS.ed offers the children of Washington D.C. a very simple and straightforward bargain. Our learning culture has proven itself to be amongst the most academically successful and ambitious in the world. Come to us, to our rich, vibrant schoolhouse with our rich, vibrant curriculum and our rich, vibrant support, and take true ownership of your education. You will work extremely hard and you will learn to feel pride in the accomplishments that you have earned. You will face challenges, and whilst teachers and parents and guardians will be there to support you, overcoming them will be, in the end, your responsibility. As in adult life, so in school: as Wordsworth wrote, “The Child is father of the Man.”

We do not select, neither do we place a cap on ability and ambition. Such a learning culture is something to be prized as one of the educational opportunities available free to the students and parents of Washington D.C.

Once again, a heartfelt and well-earned congratulations to our students and staff in the nation’s capital on these excellent PARCC results, which show the folks in Washington what we at BASIS.ed already knew: that BASIS DC is on the identical path as other BASIS.ed schools.

You can take that to the bank.

1.PARCC, or the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, is a math and English assessment tool with both performance-based and end-of-year assessment of students in elementary, middle and high school grades. It is currently administered in 23 states and the District of Columbia.

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